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NIRPROF Selected Journal Articles

"ID of Actives in Multi-Component Pharma Dosage Forms via NIR Reflectance Spectroscopy", Spectroscopy, 1(1), 36 (1986)

"Det. of the Particle Size of Pharma RM's Using NIR Reflectance Spectroscopy", Spectroscopy, 1(7), 36(1986)

"Use of Near Infrared in Pharmaceutical Analyses", Appl. Spectrosc. Rev., 23 (1-2), 1987

"A Comparison of NIR Spectrometers for Solid Dosage Forms", Appl. Spectrosc. 23, 47(1987)

"Analysis of Solid and Liquid Dosage Forms via NIRS", Spectroscopy, 2(3), 36(1987)

"Evaluation of a NIR Detector for HPLC", Spectrosc, 2(10), 33(1987)

"Determination of Enantiomeric Purity of Valine by NIRS", Spectroscopy, 3(5), 25(1988)

"Design Parameters for a NIR/HPLC Detector", Spectroscopy, 3(9), 56(1988)

"NIRS: What it is and what it is not", Spectroscopy, 4(2), 14(1989)

"A Novel Spectrometer based on an AOTF", Spectroscopy, 5(1), 10(1990)

"The Use of NIR in TLC, Part 1: Quant Applications", Spectroscopy, 5(8), 38(1990)

"The Use of NIR in TLC, Part 2: Qual Applications", Spectroscpy, 6(3), 26(1991)

"Further Parameters of a NIR/HPLC Detector. Part 1: Limits of Analytical Sensitivity for RP Chromat Systems", Spectrosc, 6(2), 12(1991)

"Further Parameters of a NIR/HPLC Detector.  Part II:  Non-Aqueous Solvents for Normal Phase and Size Exclusion Chromatography", Spectrosc  6 (7), 37 (1991).

"The Use of NIRS for Following the Dissolution of Multi-Component Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms", Proc. 3rd Internat'l Conf. on NIRS, Brussels, Belgium, June, 1991.

"Following the Progress of a Pharmaceutical Mixing Study via Near-Infrared Spectroscopy", Pharm Tech 15 (9), 141 (1991). 

"NIR Apps in Chemical Process Control", Meas & Controls, Issue 149, October, 1991. (Invited) 

"NIR Apps in the Pharma Industry", NIR News  2 (4), 10 (1991).  (Invited) 

"Improving Pharm Quality Testing with NIRS", Pharmaceutica Proc Internat'l March, 1992. (Invited) 

"Use of NIR in TLC", Appl. Spectrosc. Rev. 27 (2), 125 (1992).  (Invited) 

"NIRS: Theory and Applications", CHEMTECH  22 (6), 74 (1992). (Invited) 

Use of NIRS in Cereal Products”, Food Testing & Analysis 1 (2), 35 (1995). (Invited) 

Comparison of NIR Spectrometers for Solid Dosage Forms, PharmTech, 21 (10), 18 (1997).  (Invited)

Validation of spectro methods in pharma analyses”, Pharm Tech 22 (3), 92 (1998). (Invited) 

In Situ Dissolution Testing Using a FO Probe Disso System”, Disso Tech 6 (4), 8 (1999). 

A General Test Method for the Development, Validation, and Routine Use of Disposable Near-Infrared Libraries”, J. NIRS 9, 165-184 (2001) 

Validation of a NIR Transmission Spect Procedure, Part A: Validation Protocols,” J. Pharm Biomed Anal 28 (2), 251-260 (2002). 

 Validation of a NIR Transmission Spectr Proc, Part B: App to Alternate CU & Release Assays for Pharm Dosage Forms,” J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal., 29 (1-2), 159-171 (2002).

Through the Looking Glass: The Adventures of Emil in Wonderland”, EAS Award Lecture, NIR News, 16 (1), (2005). (Invited)

Examination of NIR Spectrometers: Dispersive vs. Interferometric Types”, Amer. Pharm. Rev
., 11 (4), 2, 3-5 (2008).

Det/ of Counterfeiting: the Unexpected Benefit of QbD/PAT”, Pharma Focus Asia, Issue 6, March 88-90 (2008).

Taking PAT to the Next Level” (Review), Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. (2010), doi:10.1016/j.ejps.2010.10.009

Risk and Reputation: A Science and Risk-Based Approach to Brand Protection”, Pharmaceutical Engineering, 32 (3), (2012). Co-authors: G. Ritchie, S. Hoag, J. Poli.

Validating a Diffuse Reflectance NIRS Method for Measuring a Coating on a Highly Scattering Surface”, NIR New, 25 (8), (2014). Co-authors: G.E. Ritchie, S. Flank.

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