Emil W. Ciurczak (The NIRPROF) -  Near-Infrared/Raman/PAT/QbD/DoE Consultant; The Homepage of Doramaxx Consulting
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Provides software for design of experiments (DoE) and multivariate data analysis MVDA). Tools that transform data into information, allow confident decisions, and help to understand complex products and processes. Giving Value from Data.



Afnan: Drug Shortages and Accountability: Ali Afnan... Is an overly rigid FDA causing today's chronic drug shortages? Or is it an industry that still struggles to meet the most basic quality standards?



 There are a number of consultants in the field who can design and build custom instrumentation, design and write custom software for NIR, or help design entire IT networks for QbD/PAT applications:


John Coates, Ph.D.
        Coates Consulting
Many years of custom design and building spectrometers for specific uses. Numerous compact spectroscopic instruments now on the market have been designed by John.

Specialty Chemometric/Statistical Software, Statistical Design, Chemometrics:

Howard Mark, Ph.D.
       Near Infrared Research Corporation
Over 30 years of experience in Chemometrics, statistics, software writing, and instrument design for NIR, Howard is a world-class consultant, author and lecturer. My co-presenter for the ACS and CfPA NIR Short Courses and coworker for 25 years.
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